Our Environmental Policy

Wind Engineering Center (WINDEC) hopes to continuously contribute to people-friendly and comfortable urban planning through our products and services including design and production of highly functional wind tunnels and experimental models. These are essential to study wind conditions, i.e. pressure, speed, turbulence, air stream, diffusion, etc. We strive to play an important role in enhancing the amenity within the urban environment as a “wind” navigator, involving multiple disciplines such as architecture, civil, mechanical, environmental and human engineering together with educational and research institutions.

WINDEC is committed to fulfill our responsibility toward the society through vigorous business activities that will be harmonious with the natural environment. We promote activities based on the following principles.

The Principles
WINDEC will continuously improve our in-house environmental management systems and practice ecological business operations.

We will develop and provide products and services by way of utilizing clean technologies with our clients for sustainable development.

We will comply with the legal requirements and prevent any environmental pollutions, and we will take actions for energy conservation, resource saving and harmony with nature.

We will communicate with all of our stakeholders to enhance environmental awareness as a member of global communities.

27th May 2013


Akira Takami
President & CEO, Wind Engineering Center