Privacy Policy

Wind Engineering Center (hereinafter referred to as “WINDEC”) strives to protect personal information based on the following policy:

1. Appropriate handling of personal information
WINDEC established and maintains a system designed to properly protect a user’s personal information. Under this system, WINDEC acquires, uses and provides personal information in an appropriate manner to the extent necessary. WINDEC continues to revise and improve its policies/activities regarding the protection of personal information.

2. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, etc.
In handling personal information, WINDEC complies with the applicable laws and regulations, and other related standards.

3. Measures to ensure accuracy and safety of personal information
WINDEC takes necessary measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of user’s personal information. WINDEC strives to properly manage a user’s personal information in order to avoid any unauthorized access to personal information as well as any loss, damage, alteration or leak of said information.

4. Clarifying the purpose of use
When acquiring personal information, WINDEC will clarify its intended purpose and scope of use, and then either contact you or make a public announcement. WINDEC will not use a user’s personal information for any purpose other than the specified purpose of use.

5. Information sharing, disclosure and management
In principle, WINDEC does not share or disclose a user’s personal information with third parties. However, in the circumstances listed below, a user’s personal information may be shared or disclosed to a third party. In this regard, WINDEC obligates the said third party to treat personal information properly to the same degree implemented by WINDEC.
(1) Permission has been given by the user.
(2) A separate entity which has entered into a nondisclosure agreement with WINDEC handles personal information on consignment to the extent necessary to accomplish WINDEC’s purpose of use.
(3) Information needs to be shared with or disclosed to a third party due to applicable laws and regulations, etc.
(4) A national institution or other public organization requests the information to be shared or disclosed in order to prevent physical or financial danger being inflicted on the user or another third party.

6. Handling of inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information etc.
When a user contacts us with regard to handling, disclosure, correction of or deletion of his/her personal information, WINDEC will handle such a request or claim quickly and properly after first verifying the person’s identity.

7. User’s log information
A user’s information, upon accessing to our website (e.g. IP address), is stored in our web server as “log information.” We may use the log information for the following purposes. However, a user’s personal information cannot be identified by the log information.
(1) To identify the source of any server related problem that arises, and solve that problem
(2) To manage and control this website